About Us

In 2003, we fell in love with and bought one of the very few originals still in existence of the birdseye view map that is the subject of the Trickett’s Triumph limited editions.  Late in 2014, it occurred to Janis that other people might also share our enthusiasm for this wonderful image – and so Rafter Limited Editions was born.

What started as a not-so-simple commercial enterprise has now also become a passion.  Who would have guessed that the process of publishing these limited editions and building this website would uncover a story of triumph and downfall, of an almost unknown early Australian champion, and the all-too-common tale of an elite sports person battling – and defeating! – the ‘black dog’ of depression.


Janis Rafter
Janis has a background in book publishing and marketing – and a passion for Australian history. Having come up with the idea of the limited editions, the project has provided the opportunity to explore this little known and fascinating chapter in Australian history.

Craig Henshaw
Craig also has a background in book publishing and marketing, but defected into management consulting and project management – particularly in the Financial Services sector.

Our Advisers
We’ve been very fortunate to link up with some very special people who are helping us deliver the best possible result.

Lyn Lockrey
Lyn is one of the great grandchildren of Ned Trickett and has for some decades, together with Gordon Trickett, Robyn Jessiman and other members of the Trickett family, been a ‘keeper of this flame’ – promoting awareness of Ned’s status as Australia’s first ever world champion, his triumph over depression, and his deep faith. He has kindly consented to sign each numbered copy of the Exclusive Edition; he has also provided insights into Ned’s history and personality, permission to use family photos, and connections and locations that we might not otherwise have discovered.

Steve Newnham
Steve is a lawyer by training and a former Australian representative rower by passion. Having spent his career making a difference in the Financial Services sector, he now spends most of his time making a difference for a variety of charitable causes.  He is also the President of the Sydney University Boat Club – the rowing club of his alma mater.  His links into the Rowing world – and to the Black Dog Institute – have helped us ensure that we’re respecting (and hopefully adding to) the great tradition of Rowing in Australia.

Robin Poke
A sports historian, author, journalist and administrator, Robin is currently completing a history of  Australian rowing as a PhD, which having completed he will also publish as his third book. Robin has given us access to relevant parts of the thesis and provided dates, names and other historical insights. He has held many positions within national rowing and is currently President of the ACT Olympic Council.

More generally, Rafter Limited Editions is dedicated to the task of identifying and reproducing strictly limited editions of carefully selected rare, interesting and beautiful objects from the past – to the finest quality standards.