Rowing is an important part of the life of many schools, with long traditions of endeavour and achievement. Generations of Sydney’s rowers learned their skills and bent their backs on the course on the Parramatta River depicted in this wonderful map.

To acknowledge that history, Rafter Limited Editions is offering schools (and other interested organisations) the opportunity to use this piece of history to raise money.

If your school, rowing club or historical society would like to use Trickett’s Triumph as part of a fundraising activity (e.g. raffle, live or silent auction, etc), please contact us using the email facility below – we’d love to help.

Corporate Gifts

Some staff and clients (even prospects) are so important to your business that they warrant a very special ‘thank you’.  If you think that Trickett’s Triumph can help you say that special ‘thank you’, we’d like to work with you to help deliver a big impression.



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